Tuesday, February 18, 2014

About me

When I read my first book about Nutrition and Dietetics I was just eighteen and it was love at first sight.
After that, I started reading everything regarding the subject. But soon I realized that most of the books were just rubbish, because the authors were not doctors but mostly people with no related background: actresses, journalists, philosophers etc.
It turned out to be difficult to find an author who was also a real expert on Nutrition: doctors had just a superficial knowledge and their advices were inconsistent. So I decided to take formal studies in order to become a real expert. I went to Medical School and specialized in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. So far, my passion for nutrition is so much alive that I devour every new article and book, even the ones I know to be rubbish!
I have to say it is really frustrating to see that, after thirty years, things have not changed much. Nutrition and Dietetics remain a field in the hands of incompetent people. They talk about Atkins, Dukan, Paleo diet and Evolution diet like they are the answer to all unsuccessful treatments, it is terrible! The average nutritional culture of doctors remains frail. How is it possible that people, when having for instance a prostate problem, go and see a urologist, but when it comes to nutrition they are willing to listen to anybody, even a gynaecologist or a plumber?
             Antonio Pratesi 

PS: the photo is my first formal portrait.


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